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Why Ontario?

Ontario, Canada is emerging as a vibrant world market for solar development farms due to favorable Feed-In-Tariffs and a requirement for substantial local content.

Streaming Solar has established a pipeline of solar development projects in Ontario and will assure its supply of modules for use in its solar parks. The criteria in producing/selecting these modules focus on cost, reliability, warranty capability and ability to finance.

Streaming Solar is of the opinion that the electrical rates provided under the Ontario Power Authority and associated legislation present the ability to achieve a highly competitive return on equity invested within the solar industry at this time. The operating environment, sovereign risk profile and other dynamics of the Ontario business climate present clearly a compelling opportunity for the alternative energy investor.
The Province of Ontario required 6.4 GW of coal run power plants to close by the end of 2014, leaving a void in production of power, with Solar filling a large share of the void.
The solar panels represent the largest component of the installed cost of large scale solar parks and owning adequate manufacturing capacity will allow significant cost advantages.  Streaming Solar is planning to acquire and consolidate low cost modular manufacturing plants in Ontario to establish itself as a credible developer/manufacturer with sufficient local production capacity.  The Company is amenable to partnering with local strategic investors, potential management resources and banking establishments to the extent that these relationships expedite/expand Streaming Solar’s business plan.

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