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Shared values are the underlying elements or ideals that guide Streaming Solar and contribute to long-lasting success. They guide our conduct and how we interact with others. Our values are all-inclusive and promote trust among our people and alliance partners.

They are:

  • the foundation that guides our decisions and actions,
  • the bond that holds us together as we grow and develop, and
  • a timeless source of guidance and inspiration.



Team work and mutual commitment

We achieve success through the exceptional performance of our people. Our people work together with mutual trust and respect; listening actively and communicating openly. We give our best to achieve goals and help each other as we collaborate. We recognize and reward people on the relevance and quality of their work.

Through the value chain, we have linked our efforts with alliance partners that integrate seamlessly with our team.

Social responsibility


We are honored to work within our communities and committed to contributing responsibly as we participate in their growth and development. Social and environmental responsibilities are consistent, foundation elements to our business plan.



Integrity and professionalism

We apply exemplary standards of professional conduct to all activities with customers, stakeholders and within our communities; respecting laws, regulations, policies and ethical principles. As we relate to others, behaviors that we value are: honesty, respect, trust, fairness and caring.

Outstanding value to customers and stakeholders


We relentlessly pursue excellence in execution; delivering superior products and services  for the benefit of our customers and stakeholders. In the solar industry this requires innovation and agility. It involves engaging our people and alliance partners to work collaboratively in offering responsible, sustainable solutions at exceptional value.

We foster a strong entrepreneurial spirit that embodies a sense of ownership and accountability for results.


​We believe in clean energy and, in particular, the solar industry. We are deeply committed to our customers, their communities and our alliance partners as participants in our industry’s success. We are proactive, confident and decisive as we address business opportunities. We have the courage to take calculated risks and we are very capable and thorough in managing risks that we take on.

We are a dynamic, energetic, exciting team  that has fun together in passionate pursuit of our goals.


Copyright 2015 Streaming Solar Inc.

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